Dangers Of Sunlight

Q. I spend a lot of time abroad and I’m concerned about the long term damage to my eyes from bright sunlight

A. The harmful effects of invisible ultra-violet (UV) radiation is well reported and therefore all good quality sunglasses have UV protectors. What is less understood is the long term effects on the eye of visible blue wavelengths of light. This is the normal blue light that the eye is capable of seeing, and it is not filtered by UV protective sunglasses. The eye lets this blue light in, and it radiates inside the retina all day long. Long-term exposure to high levels of blue light has been considered to have link in premature macular degeneration and cataract formation, as it has similar energy levels to UV.

So, at Portobello Eyecare, we will always recommend a good quality pair of sunglasses. Either with a polarised or tinted lens which both offer full UV protection. It is imperative that sunglasses fit correctly, ensuring that there are no gaps allowing light in around the edges.