Beware Of The Web!

I am considering buying new spectacles off the internet, but I’m concerned that they might not be right, and I’ll have wasted my money?

Buying spectacles on-line is cheaper and savings can be made, because no professional advice is offered.  You are simply buying a product in its basic form.

If the frame is too heavy, or the sides are too long, or the nose pads are not angled properly, you will have uncomfortable, ill-fitting spectacles that cause no end of problems.

Remember, when you buy from your optician, you are not just paying for frames and lenses.  With it comes professional advice on many different fronts, from the benefits of varifocals over bifocals, occupational lenses to single vision, and transitions to sunglasses, to name a few.

Lenses are required to be at specific heights and centration’s, which need accurate measuring, and lens designs vary between manufacturers. 

Opticians offer free aftercare to ensure your spectacles are regularly adjusted and maintained.  None of this is available when you buy on-line.  Proceed with caution if this is what you choose to do.  Sometimes these frames are discontinued which makes them cheaper.